It Works Independent of Publisher's Traditional Workflow

There are currently two working models for CREDIT that can fit into Publisher's workflow

Currently Under Development

Stand-alone Model

Works seamlessly without affecting existing journal submission systems.(Open Workflow)

Works independent of the individual journal titles workflow.

Your existing systems Unaffected. Gives leverage for testing and piloting the tool and understand the benefits associated with it.


It can be Integrated into submission and peer review systems via an API 

Unifies the process of peer-review and data publication.

Decreased turn-around time for data publication and peer-review Management

Things you need to Know!

These are some things you may wish to know before you get started with CREDIT tool in your workflow.

Custom Business Solutions

Open-Source Solution

Access to Basic functional source code
OpenSource Apache 2.0 License
Customise according to your needs
One-time Assistance in Integration and Training
Basic Supporting Material
Redistribute with specfic license terms.

Custom Solution

Plug and Play with Seamless Customisation to meet your organisational needs
Freedom to host data yourself
Freedom over Branding, DOI adoption
Advaced metrics to assess the dissemination and User engagement.
Colloborative scaling and Development
Advanced support for Integrating, Training and Material
Access to Advanced Features with Machine Learning and AI, with minimal cost upgradation.

Premium Solution

Leave the hassle from integration to implementation to us.
Onboarding, Training along with Supporting materials
Full stack maintanence with support on data hosting
Dedicated Account manager
Business intelligence and Metrics
Access to Advanced Features with Machine Learning and AI, with minimal costi upgradation.
Access to all features in custom solution.

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