Embracing Divergent Priorities

Credit is built from ground-up by embracing divergent priorities of individual stakeholders in the scholarly community. Click on Individual stakeholders to see how it benefits.


CREDIT assist publishers to maximise on the opportunity of ever-changing scholarly dynamics

Works Independent

Access to a tool that help author produce or submit additional scholarly outputs without affecting your existing journal submission system.

Immediate Compliance

Immediately comply with open-data mandates put forward by Goverrnments and Funders, without affecting your infrastructure.


Seamless customisation with freedom over your own branding, DOI adoption, Data hosting. Plug and play with your own organisational needs and policies.


Usage & citation levels are likely to increase & there will be evidence to prove this. Attract high quality research and authors.

Enriched Content

Enriched journal article with increase in trustworthiness ,usability of the publication & reflects all the activity around the additional research outputs 

Maximise Traffic & Retention

Unidirectional flow of traffic with maximum retention and Dynamic metrics to reflect the activity around data within the main published article.


CREDIT gives an opportunity to researchers to register various research output on the go and gain recognition.

Open Workflow

Researchers will be able to register multiple research outputs acquired at different stage of research workflow within the published article.

New Opportunities

Opportunity for researchers to access and assess additional research outputs in a more re-usable & reproducible form 

High quality research dissemination

Supported way to achieve compliance High quality research outputs. And make your research standout from the rest by boasting a re-usable approach.

New Recognitions

Recognises & rewards Granular Academic credits beyond traditional citations and Impact indices

Data Publication

Outputs can be Embeded in the Journal Submission & Peer-review workflow without affecting manuscript submission systems

Academic and Funder Compliant

Ensures Compliance with institutional & funder mandates and gain Credits and recognition to your efforts


CREDIT helps funders to track the outputs of their funded research

Enhanced Productivity

Ensures that the scientific studies are re-usable & reproducible and promotes quality research.

Dissemination of High Quality Science

Ensures dissemination of high quality science at a much accelerated rate.

Gauge Impact

Provides analytics & metrics to track impact of the funders’ project & grantees. And provides high level understanding on how the funds were utilised

Persistent Data Preservation

More deliverables produced cost effectively & persistently preserved  

New Research Paradigm

Enable new research branches to develop & thrive

Maximize ROI

Enhances return on Investement by making sure the funded research is reusable and reproducible


CREDIT maximises the quality of research outputs by institution’s researchers

Access to Data Publishing

Access to a tool to support data deposition/publication

Control over Content

Gives full control over the institution’s scholarly outputs and access to research outputs re-usable to the fullest.

Additional Incentivisation

Additional incentive to encourage more & better data/research outputs with a provision to support their existing infrastructure with Max. ROI.

Enhanced Freedom

Leverages branding, DOI adoption & hosting, with complete control over the content.

Rich Analytics

Analytics, metrics & impact to assess the the institutional research outputs 

High Quality Dissemination

Ensures dissemination of high quality research standards and ethics.

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