Some of the features of the tool that makes researchers and publishers working with the tool a pleasure.

Dynamic Badges

Dynamic rendering of badges on the published articles refelcting the complete research workflow and the data.

Real-time Credits

Readers engagement over the data and their performance is fedback to the main article in realtime.


Leveraged freedom to authors for data deposition and description ensuring compliance to Open-data mandates

Enhanced Reusability

With Individually citable methods, protocols, data sets to ensure their reusability and giving credits to authors.

Enhanced Reproducibility

Creating powerful relationship between results, methods, data, analysis and conclusion of the research study

Plug & Play

Open-workflow principles adopted helps publishers to work independent of their Journal titiles workflows.

CREDIT Badges reflect the availability of Complete Research Workflow within the published article

For Enhanced Peer-review processes, Research Integrity and Research Productivity

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