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Our Four Basic Principles
Giving Credit to Authors

Our Principles in Detail

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Giving Credit's to Authors


Data associated with the published article should be a click away and be easily discoverable.

Data Orchestration

Publishing an article resonates telling a tale. Why miss the detailed role plays.

Activities around Data

Researchers love Data. Easing the way to measure how much and what they love and make it available within the article.

Metrics Around Data

Centralise all activities around the Article and Data at one easily discoverable area.


It's an Open-Access era, build more tools to empower-it and make every published article and data re-usable to the fullest.

Factors that Ensure

We are very keen on the factors that ensure data< re-usability and hence our product resonates our efforts

FAIR Guidelines

To strictly comply our product and it's features to FAIR guidelines for data-publishing and data-management.

Building an Eco-System

Our aim is to build an Ecosystem that encourages Authors and Researchers to make their scientific articles and data, as re-usable as possible


We have implemented the princiles of CRediT Casrai and hence making researchers more accountable for their research

San Fransisco DORA

Our Aim is to provide a platform where research assessments can be done independent of Impact Factors

Unparallelled Recognitions

We aim to provide an ecosystem where high priority areas of research assessment, which were never implemented till date, can be measured.

Ideal Research Assessments

Our aim to make Scholarly Communications as trasparent as possible, creating a niche for new assessment metrics

Our Product

Credit is a Cloud powered SaaS tool that provides
a digital content discovery platform for STM Publishers

We are building solutions to overcome the challenges associated with new technologies and working practices. Our SaaS tool, CREDIT, was developed in response to governmental policies, funder mandates and, critically, to the Contributor Roles Taxonomy project, CRediT..

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Our Team

Varma D Aadi Narayana

Head - Product & Innovation

Sheevendra Sharma

Head - Strategy & Market-Outreach

Jatesh Sachdeva

Daily Operations

Sunjay Nayyar

Head - Accounts & Finance

Prof. Seyed E Hasnain

Chief Scientific Advisor

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We are on to a Mission to Revolutionize Scholarly Communication
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